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To preserve and restore the historical farm buildings, protect the beautiful views and introduce people to the healthful benefits of interaction with animals and the land.


  • Give visitors a direct link to Lenox’s agricultural past.
  • Provide residents and visitors walking trails to link Parsons Marsh with Kennedy Park
  • Maintain a place where visitors can come to enjoy quiet, open spaces and Parson’s Marsh. A way to be at peace with the world.
  • Provide community housing opportunities.
  • Make available to Lenox residents and visitors  farm-based health benefits.
  • Give residents access to community organic gardening.   Great for food and mental health well-being.
  • Provide equestrians a safe and beautiful place to ride and train.
  • Provide artists with beautiful vistas to interpret on canvas and on camera.
  • Provide all-weather space for a Lenox Farmers’ Market.